Your Child

Learning at St Paul focusses on what is best for your child. Where classrooms of the past belonged to teachers, our learning spaces and approaches to learning and teaching, put children first.

Some ways that this is most visible are…

  • Play: We use the terms child and children rather than students. The word ‘student’ focuses on the academic aspect of the child. We work with the whole child and as such we nurture spiritual, social and emotional growth in the same way we foster academic development. Play is vital to this. We believe that by providing playful experiences each day promotes cognitive, social, and emotional development and enhances physical development. Through play, learning capabilities such as questioning, negotiating, hypothesizing, creating and experimenting take place in meaningful ways.
  • Learning Spaces: Our learning spaces are designed to facilitate the learning styles of children as opposed to the teaching styles of adults. There are no teacher desks or ‘students in rows’. These spaces are welcoming, homely and considerate of the sensory needs of all children
  • A single, sports style uniform: Our school uniform is designed for student comfort and is the same for boys and girls. This provides all students with same opportunities to play and learn whilst also taking into account each child’s individual sensory needs.
  • Single year level classrooms: We are committed to providing all students with a learning community and curriculum that focuses on one year level only. We believe this provides strong opportunities for individual social and academic growth.