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Year 5 Camp

06 April 2018

Students from 5 write some reflections about their Year 5 Camp:

It was great to learn multiple new things and it really was a great experience. (Chloe)

I think that it was the best camp because we went to the beach and it was so much fun learning how to bodyboard. (Hudson)

My camp highlights were hanging out with my mates outside of school and doing surfing on day 2. (Ruben)

One of my highlights from camp would be the free-time and also when we walked to the beach because while we were walking we saw a lot, and I mean a lot, of kangaroos. It was really fun when we learnt how to surf. (Jayden)

I think camp was very fun especially day 2 which was surfing. It was really fun because we all got wet and we all enjoyed it. I personally liked pulling the people from the water for the surf life-saving part. That was my favourite part of camp. (Sam)

On day 2 we went surfing and we learnt how to surf and did rescuing on the beach. We got to do relays and capture the flag. (Archie)

Camp was fun and probably my favourite activity was building the make shift tents. (Seb)