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28 January 2022


Back to School 

After long summer days, late bedtimes and lazy mornings, the new school year is certainly here! As we move into a new year, here are a few tips to help with that ‘back to school’ routine:


Bedtime routine

Introducing a consistent routine before bedtime can really help with the transition from holiday mode. Follow the same pattern each night, such as laying out clothes for the next day, having a bath, brushing teeth, PJs on and then a bedtime story and a cuddle (if they still let you!).


Talk to them - make sure they know their routine too

It’s much easier for children to adjust to a routine if they know what is expected of them. When they start school, always try to give them an idea of what is happening that day. Will they be going to SPLASH or kiss and drop? Who will be dropping off/collecting? Do they have sports practise or is someone visiting?  Having a heads up on what is in store can help them adapt more readily.


Set positive but realistic expectations

The most important thing you can do to ease back-to-school worries is to share your confidence in your child's ability to cope. Children tend to look to their parents to help gauge the unfamiliar. If you are calmly optimistic that your child will manage the back-to-school transition, it makes it easier for your child to be hopeful, too.


Some advice from Karen Young- author of Hey Warrior and Hey Awesome 

Over the weekend you may have seen other 'back to school' tips popping up on your social media feeds. Karen Young shared the below quote which really resonated with me as our children return to school with different circumstances.