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Pupil Free Days and COVID-19 Guidelines

31 August 2022

Please remember that 9th September and 12th September are pupil free days for St Paul Lutheran School. The Monday is aimed at creating a four-day circuit-breaker with a day in addition to our usual single day.

With our current guidelines, we have been able to avoid class closures completely so far this term, and the COVID cases that are beginning to be reported in various classes in the past week will have an opportunity to be contained to only a few with this circuit-breaker, leading into our preparations for school concert. I am thankful to families for their patience and flexibility. It is our hope that being able to plan ahead for these days has been useful.

I will update our COVID guidelines in the October School holidays, with a view to some additional opportunities for gathering. I ask parents to please watch their email in the coming days for a very short survey aimed at gathering feedback about COVID-19 risk mitigation strategies such as masks, gatherings and circuit-breakers.