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Concert Dates and Tickets

31 August 2022

We have officially entered concert season. This year's concert is called 'In Tune'. Over the coming weeks, families in Years 1-4 will learn more about costumes from classroom teachers in preparation for live performances. Key dates for you to be aware of are…

  • Friday 2/9- Tickets will be available for live year level performances. THIS WEEK!
  • Wednesday 21/9-Dress rehearsal and photo day
  • Friday 23/9: Live performance filming. This will occur over the course of the day and the performance will be filmed to share the entire concert with parents.
  • Monday 26/9: Year 1 afternoon performances, 2-2.45pm (limited parent numbers) 
  • Tuesday 27/9: Year 2 afternoon performances, 2-2.45pm (limited parent numbers)
  • Wednesday 28/9: Year 3 afternoon performances, 2-2.45pm (limited parent numbers)
  • Thursday 29/9: Year 4 performances,  2-2.50pm (limited parent numbers)