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2023 Building and Development Projects

07 September 2022

Through last year, we worked with JPE Architects to create a St Paul Community Master Plan, and I am grateful for the input and feedback from many staff, families, children and church members. This year, we have been continuing this partnership with JPE to design a new carpark and a renovation of the current staff carpark to become an OSHC space for SPLASH and additional meeting and teaching space during the day.

We have also been planning an upgrade to the Junior Primary Playground, which will likely occur as much as possible over the summer holiday break to be ready for the beginning of 2023, or as soon as possible in Term 1.

Images of the design are included in this Inspire article. You may also see these designs in person when you visit the school office or the Hall during an assembly or Chapel visit (remember to sign up via TryBooking if you are joining us for these events).