Strategic Directions

St Paul Lutheran School Strategic Directions 2019 - 2023

St Paul Lutheran School’s vision is to remain as a leader in contemporary education. Focusing on student voice, choice and empowerment, St Paul will strive to deliver ‘next practice’ educational philosophies to prepare our students for a constantly evolving future. Building on a firm Lutheran foundation and a culture of collaboration and innovation, St Paul will thrive as an inclusive community, with provision for the wellbeing of all.

Direction 1: Student-centred

  • Embed practices where students have ownership over their own learning
  • Develop greater opportunities for student leadership
  • Provide a nurturing, challenging and supportive learning environment
  • Ensure staffing, programs and teaching practices empower students with different abilities and needs

Direction 2: Community wellbeing

  • Develop house structures, culture and curriculum to better support student wellbeing
  • Support the wellbeing of our staff
  • Facilitate relevant wellbeing information sessions for the St Paul community

Direction 3: Future-focused education

  • Develop active partnerships with leading schools and educators
  • Invest in the tailored development of our staff
  • Provide targeted training and development for emerging leaders
  • Review our pedagogical framework to ensure it remains at the forefront of educational practice and prepares our students for further learning, future work opportunities and active citizenship

Direction 4: Identity and community connection

  • Provide a range of relevant ways to communicate with parents
  • Engage families and foster participation in the life of our school
  • Be inclusive of the many cultures in our community
  • Actively work in partnership with St Paul Lutheran Church for ministry and mission

Direction 5: Sustainable future

  • Develop a long term building and facilities plan
  • Maintain financially responsible and affordable school fees
  • Review our school values and embed them in meaningful ways
  • Invest in quality, purposeful play spaces