Primary School Curriculum

Learning at St Paul is shaped by the Australian Curriculum, the guidelines of the Lutheran Church of Australia and the St Paul Lutheran School Pedagogical Framework; a document that aligns teaching practices and philosophies across the school. At the core of this document is a vision for learning for all students, and four pedagogical pillars. These pillars of learning, developed by all staff through a period of research and professional learning, form the foundation for skills, understandings and practices that are required for successful learning in the 21st Century. These pillars are Collaboration, Creativity, Engagement and Relevance.

St Paul is also committed to delivering an innovative inquiry based learning program across all year levels which recognises the inherent qualities and uniqueness of all students, including differences in how each child learns. This learning program is based on a culture of high expectations for all learners where students are viewed as active contributors to their own learning. A strong focus on literacy, numeracy and early intervention strategies provide a firm foundation for students. Feedback on student learning to parents is seen as a key element of the education process and open lines of communication with parents throughout the learning and teaching cycle ensure that the home and school can share expectations and strategies for improvement. Ultimately, the holistic development of each child is essential so that graduates of St Paul are ready to serve and contribute as active and compassionate citizens in an ever-changing world.

Download a copy of the St Paul Pedagogical Framework here

Secondary School

In conjunction with Endeavour College Mawson Lakes, SPLS offers a Reception to Year Twelve educational experience. Student of St Paul Lutheran School receive priority entry to Endeavour College from Year Seven.

For more information on Endeavour College, visit their website.