Useful Information

School Timetable - The School Day

8.30am Children arrive at school

8.45am Lessons commence

9.00-9.45am Lesson 1

9.45-10.30am Lesson 2

10.30-11.15am Lesson 3

11.15-12.00pm Morning Break

12.00-12.45pm Lesson 4

12.45-1.30pm Lesson 5

1.30-2.00pm Afternoon Break

2.00-2.45pm Lesson 6

3.15pm School day ends

LLL School Banking

Children are encouraged to save money through LLL school banking. With the LLL (Lutheran Laypeople’s League), savings attract interest with no fees or charges (more information at LLL Savings Accounts can also be of assistance to the school when nominated as Matching Deposits against borrowings.


The school’s on site canteen is open each day to purchase food and drinks for morning and afternoon breaks. Our school currently uses the Qkr! App to order all canteen items. Orders need to be placed by 8.00am but please note that canteen orders can be made in advance via the App.

To view our currrent canteen menu click here