Beyond The Classroom

St Paul Lutheran School offers a dynamic range of opportunities for children to further grow and develop in their preferred fields, beyond curriculum offerings.

Performing Arts

In addition to specialist Performing Arts lessons as part of the curriculum, St Paul Lutheran School offers individual performance opportunities via the junior and senior concerts. The concert offers students the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of performance including scripts, props, stage management and performance. In addition, 2016 will see St Paul students take part in the Wakakirri Performing Arts event for the first time.

Students have opportunity to sing in the school choir and individual music tuition is offered during school hours. Instrumental lessons currently offered include: violin, piano, drums and guitar.

Excursions and Camps

School camps enable students to grow through mental, social and physical challenges outside of the school setting. We see this as an important step for our junior students as they transition to the upper primary years, and likewise for our older students as they prepare for secondary school. Real world experiences through excursions that connect curriculum learning to tangible places is seen as essential in allowing students to make lasting connections with their learning.


Academic competitions, challenges and enrichment programs are a regular offering at St Paul. We offer a range of outside academic competition from ICAS competitions (Science, English and Maths) offered by the University of New South Wales, to Tournament of Minds, Oliphant Science Awards and beyond. Students are encouraged to participate and academic achievements are celebrated, great and small!


The opportunity to develop leadership skills is given to students at St Paul Lutheran School through all years of schooling. From small areas of class responsibility in the junior years, to Student Representative Council, House Captain and School Captain responsibilities offered in later years.

Peer leadership responsibilities are given to all students as they move through the school, with our older students buddying with student in the junior years. These relationships are developed very early in the year and strong bonds are often formed and continue over the course of children’s schooling.

Public Speaking

St Paul students are encouraged to experience public speaking from their very first year of school. Students develop skills in speaking to an audience by participating in regular in-class sharing and presenting at school assemblies. Public speaking abilities are further developed through various competitions and our school concerts.