Inquiry Learning

St Paul utilizes an inquiry approach to learning. Bringing inquiry into the educational experience is critical in the age of technology. Teachers guide children through the Australian Curriculum, carefully balancing their role as both instructional teacher and facilitator of curiosity.  Our teachers see themselves as investigators as they observe and listen to children. By being actively present with children and conferencing as they draw, investigate calculate and write, teachers adapt an inquiry approach to their own work.

Our inquiry classrooms encourage trust and respect among children and teachers. Teachers support children to make choices and decisions that develop and contribute to a sense of community and enhance individual identity and learning. A greater sense of ownership over the learning allows children to act and respond in thoughtful and meaningful ways. We encourage children to regularly communicate their own questions and reflections and seek ways to find personal relevance in their learning. They contribute to designing learning goals, finding and sharing resources and developing learning spaces that work for them. Most importantly, children are encouraged to ask deep and stirring questions and share their feelings and reflections. We encourage all children to become advocates for themselves and the issues they care about.