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17 August 2022

Thursday last week was a huge opportunity for the Year 5 and 6 children to perform at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. The experience of many months of planning and rehearsals at school, an early morning rehearsal, and a full day of nervous waiting culminated in a very late evening performance, as St Paul Lutheran School was chosen as the closing act. With the addition of COVID-19 complications, the experience also included one of heartbreak for some children who had to miss the show after months of rehearsal. I share my thoughts and thanks with those children, who regardless were supporting of their friends who were able to perform.

It was a privilege to watch such a well-rehearsed performance, with all children staying in character right until the end, and I confess to shedding some tears in the Entertainment Centre during the show. The children were awarded three awards on the night.  Most Creative Use of the Signature Motif, Best Costumes and Best use of Minimal Props. We will need to wait a bit longer to hear overall results for the competition.