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Reception Mid-Year Entry from 2023

24 August 2022

Many parents may have seen media coverage regarding a mid-year preschool intake for government preschools in 2023, with a mid-year intake for Reception in government schools to then follow in 2024.

St Paul Lutheran School will begin a mid-year Reception intake at St Paul from 2023

A play-based learning approach will facilitate cognitive, emotional, physical, social and spiritual development. Children who turn 5 between 1 May and 31 October, 2023 are eligible to start school at St Paul in Term 3 next year. They will complete 6 terms of Reception. Mid-year entry is not compulsory and families who prefer to keep their children in preschool or childcare until the beginning of the following year, to begin Reception in 2024, will be supported and encouraged. Preschool/Kindergarten and childcare are valuable places of learning, development and care for children and should not be ‘skipped’ simply to start school early.

It has been interesting to see big announcements from both the NSW and Vic governments regarding an additional year of free universal access to Early Childhood Education slated to be rolled out at differing stages in these eastern states, which is different to an early school starting age. School and Early Childhood education are two different things under their formal definitions. Australia has a national Early Years Learning Framework: Belong, Being and Becoming, which is a guide (rather than a curriculum, such as we have for schools) that spans from Birth to 5 years of age, including transition to school. Once children begin school, we use the Australian Curriculum, which sets the expectations for learning in schools.

The cognitive and social-emotional benefits of play are clear, and are a foundational part of the Early Years Framework, used by preschools (kindergartens) and childcare centres. Fortunately, we also have a focus on play in the early years of school at St Paul as an important way for children to access and explore the curriculum. Children are not forced to stop learning through play, simply because they have started school and so I am excited by the opportunity for us to give children a play-based start to school when they are ready. 

If you would like to enrol for mid-year Reception entry, whether or not you are already enrolled for the beginning of 2024, please contact our Registrar, Monique Tabuena:

You are also able to make a time to speak with me to chat about what this means for your child before you make a decision. Every child is different, every family situation is different, and we are here to support you all.