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30 November 2022

As we continue to prepare for 2023, I have some more staffing information to share.

Miss Merridy Nicholls and Miss Olivia Angel-Keys will be finishing their contracts at St Paul at the end of this year. Merridy will be joining the staff and Ngutu College and Olivia will be working with McAuley Community School in 2023. Thank you to Merridy and Olivia for their fabulous work with us – I know you will be greatly missed by our staff, children and families.

Mrs Marlise Janetzki will be returning from leave and will re-enter the Performing Arts role in a part-time capacity in 2023. Mr Josh Huxtable will also stay on with us in 2023 to share the role with Marlise part-time.

Mrs Karly Voigt will be returning to a part-time position in 2023

Finally, we have appointed Miss Shannen Dixon to a classroom teacher role for 2023. Many of our children and families will know Shannen from her role in SPLASH, which she has now stepped away from to pursue her teaching career. Congratulations to Shannen for her appointment!