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07 December 2022

End of Year Reports will be available this Friday the 9th of December. These reports are indicative of student achievement across the entire year in each key learning area specified in the Australian Curriculum. Teachers will also provide feedback in the form of comments in the areas of English, Mathematics as well as a concluding classroom teacher comment.

As reports are no longer printed, they can only be accessed by the school portal on our website or the school app. The app also gives easy access to parents to advise absences, receive communication, view the school calendar and access the quick links on mobile devices. Click on My Portal to access absences, notifications and a link to the newsletter etc .

When you have logged onto St Paul Lutheran parent portal there a number of areas you can access information. on Student Information to obtain information about your child/ren. This includes Documents – student reports. Absences – list of all absences for current year. Caregiver/s and Address/es – Emergency – list of emergency contacts. Medical – medical information (eg doctors name etc). 

If you require any assistance with accessing your account, please speak to a member of the admin team.