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2024 Class Carers & School Volunteers

07 February 2024

We are looking for parents/caregivers who would like to be a Class Carer for 2024. 

A Class Carer is someone who supports their child’s classroom teacher along with the other Class Carer to support classes, families and events. They help to connect families, provide a listening ear and welcome new families to St Paul. Class Carers may also choose to organise family or parent social events and celebration special occasions.

If you are interested in being a Class Carer this year or wish to find out further information, please email 

School Volunteers

We are excited to welcome back our volunteers this year and would love to invite any new or interested volunteers to become a registered volunteer with us here at school. If you wish to be a registered volunteer at St Paul Lutheran, you can speak with someone in our admin team and a pack can be emailed or sent home with your child. All registered volunteers require a valid WWCC clearance and need to complete the Valuing Safe Communities training. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Bec Mattner